Brain Injury Rehab

Research shows that for many patients who have had a brain injury, an inpatient rehabilitation hospital is the best option for achieving greater gains in brain function and daily activities.

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A recent study conducted by the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association, the nation’s largest rehabilitation hospital advocacy group, found that after initial medical treatment, brain injury patients who recover at a rehabilitation hospital experience:

better outcomesBetter Outcomes
A 16 percent lower mortality rate and an average of three additional months of life compared to those recovering in a nursing home.
shorter hospital staysShorter Hospital Stays
Go home an average of 17 days sooner and remained at home an average of three months longer.
specialized medical teamsSpecialized Medical Teams
Our hospital’s specialized doctors and rehabilitation specialists are trained specifically in brain injury care, providing tailored treatment to help patients recover to the best of their abilities.
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Our comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation program provides:
  • Customized Care - Programs are uniquely tailored to provide meaningful gains in strength, function and independence.
  • Expert Medical Management - Our specialists fully address each patient’s medical, physical, functional, cognitive and/or emotional challenges, and have the expertise to treat even the most complex cases. We work closely together to reduce complications, minimize the risk of readmission to an acute care hospital and optimize each patient’s health and recovery.
  • Physician-led Teams -A physiatrist – a doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation – visits patients daily and leads a team of specialists who develop a coordinated plan that addresses a patient’s medical, physical, functional, cognitive and/or emotional challenges.
  • Targeted Therapies - We provide physical, occupational, speech and other rehabilitation therapy to help patients build strength and skill, as well as confidence and independence.
  • Education and Training - We offer guidance and support, as well as strategies, tips and techniques to best prepare patients and their families for life ahead.
  • Progressive Continuum of Care - Our world-class care extends from inpatient to outpatient, through community integration and lifelong support services.

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